Hypnotic Stella Longboards for everybody

He, came across this great section on Stella Longboards by our friends at longboardsusa.com.

Stella Longboards at longboardsusa.com

courtesy http://longboardsusa.com


These stella boards are priced very competitive and attractive at the same time.
For around $100 you can buy most of them, which is an excellent deal on all for good longboards.

They have vibrant and some crazy decorations, some a bit cheeky and others are just crazy interesting, and the line-up for 2015 seems to be pretty impressive and totally refreshed.

Stella Longboards is a company based in California and they design their boards in Rancho Cucamonga, with a lot of flair and vibrant colors, they have some pro-skaters in their team, so the focus is definitely on function not just looks.

If you want a board with a crane, deer, bus, lion, tiki, octopus, buddha, ghost ship, koala, panther or a sloth, they have it all. As well as wicked design pattern from vintage to modern.

Models are made of pine, bamboo or maple. and range from 27″ all the way up to 46″.

Overall Stella seems a brand that will inspire and hypnotise many riders for year to come.

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