Historic Greenville

Greenville has a historic downtown district dating back to mid 1800.



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In 1844, John and Deborah Green moved from Fulton County, New York to this site in Montcalm County. The Greens purchased a plot of land and built a dam and sawmill. More settlers quickly arrived, including a millwright, blacksmith, carpenter, and doctor (John Green’s brother, Thomas), who all settled in Greenville in 1845. The first merchant arrived in 1846 and a small town grew from that location. John Green himself financed many of the early businesses, and the site soon became a commercial hub for the county.In 1853, John Green and Manning Rutan platted areas of Greenville that included Lafayette and surrounding streets. John Green died in 1855, but when the city was later chartered, it was officially named Greenville in his honor.


Historic Winter Inn build in 1901-02

Winter Inn Greenville Mi