downhill longboards

Downhill Longboarding at Lightspeed

Going fast downhill can be as much fun as it is scary. Although, there are several methods of going fast downhill. Whether you’re skateboarding, blading, or even cycling down the hill. Nothing beats going down a hill on a longboard.

The rush is ….. indescribable.

Bomb hills not people result in great excitement. Sure having friends around is good for both safety and security, but when it comes down to it.

Nothing says adrenaline rush like zooming downhill on a longboard.

Not familiar with what a longboard is. Let’s get some education on the matter.

When you look at a longboard, many of you will see an over-sized skateboard. That’s a pretty close representation of a longboard.



more specific.

Longboards were brought to fruition around 1959 in Hawaii. It is better referred to as “sidewalk surfing” or concrete surfing and has been around from some time. They have been around since the first commercial skate was made. With time passing, skateboards actually lost size, to become for versatile for tricks and other riding styles. Longboarding has developed into a quick and growing pass time. What does a longboard look like? What kind of people use longboards? This is just a few of the questions asked when someone is learning about longboarding.

Picture a standard skateboard. Now that you have that image, stretch it! Add some slightly bigger wheels, and there you have it. Downhill longboard has a reputation for going much faster than a skateboard. Mostly due to the size of the wheels on these bad boys. In genera;, people who often find themselves riding a longboard downhill are also surfers. This makes sense. A longboard is kind of like a surfboard with wheel. If the waves are too brutal, or the water is too calm. Surfers take up longboarding to get the feel of surfing on land. There are few thrills that are comparable to barreling down a hill at what seems to feel like Mach 5.

Personally I can’t find any better enjoyment. I may not be good at surfing, but longboarding has stolen a lot of my free time. There is nothing more exciting than going downhill so fast that the oncoming scenery start to blur. Strapping on my helmet and other limb guards, I stare down the biggest hill in my city. What looks like forever long, will only take me a few minutes to zip down. I rest my left foot on the board and take a deep breath. My current board is a Roadwarrior 36 inch longboard from Ehlers Longboards.

Road Warrior Longboard Ehlers Longboards

Pushing with my right foot with one mighty stride. My longboard tips over the hill and gravity forces me down the hill. I get into my stance and tuck in my arms to reduce my resistance in the wind. Trees zipping by in streams of green lines. The asphalt quickly burning my wheels as the friction builds up and my wheels are smoothly gliding as the rotate faster than ever. The long dip in the hill, allows me to build up a tremendous amount of speed. This assists me in going downhill fast, really fast! After reaching the lowest point of the hill, my board stabilizes and starts to slowly lose momentum. Never can I duplicate the same feeling again. Each ride comes with its own challenges and obstacles. If you have never tried longboarding before I would listen to your gut when choosing to bomb hill not people.

You need to build up and figure out your capabilities. Start small and build yourself up. Downhill longboards have a tendency to build popularity among friends. Grab a board and give it a try, before you know it you will be downhill longboarding at light speed. Pick a good board as go fast and want something sturdy. Mine came from the folks at, they have a great selection.