Business in Greenville

Business Camber of Commerce … all year long.  Chamber events promote networking, promote our businesses or promote Greenville as a community.  Jump in!  Volunteer, participate, or sponsor a chamber event.  Call us at (616) 754-5697 if you need more information. or see


Historic Greenville

Greenville has a historic downtown district dating back to mid 1800.   following wikipedia In 1844, John and Deborah Green moved from Fulton County, New York to this site in Montcalm County. The Greens purchased a plot of land and built a dam and sawmill. More settlers quickly arrived, including a millwright, blacksmith, carpenter, and doctor (John […]


Hypnotic Stella Longboards for everybody

He, came across this great section on Stella Longboards by our friends at   These stella boards are priced very competitive and attractive at the same time. For around $100 you can buy most of them, which is an excellent deal on all for good longboards. They have vibrant and some crazy decorations, some a bit cheeky and […]

downhill longboards

Downhill Longboarding at Lightspeed

Going fast downhill can be as much fun as it is scary. Although, there are several methods of going fast downhill. Whether you’re skateboarding, blading, or even cycling down the hill. Nothing beats going down a hill on a longboard. The rush is ….. indescribable. Bomb hills not people result in great excitement. Sure having […]